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Ultimate Belief Change Tool Session Four


Ultimate Belief Change Tool Session Four


Ultimate Belief Change Toolkit Session 4 Introduction


Introduction to Values Elicitation. Demonstration of a full values elicitation.

  • Introduction to VALUES ELICITATION
  • Eliciting your Values – 3 Stages
  • Stage Two
  • Stage Three
  • Idealistic Values
  • Identifying Hierarchy of Values
  • Re-cap


“I purchased the Ultimate Belief Change Tool Kit a few months ago .I found the DVDS AND WORK BOOK to be well presented and very easy to follow. The CD’s I also found particularly useful and managed to listen to them several times until I felt confident to use the techniques and exercises on myself and my clients. I take the work book everywhere with me I have re written the exercises and techniques into my own language but always have my work book close by I find it invaluable.”
Justin Cox

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