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Lost Your Confidence? Want It Back?


Lost Your Confidence? Want It Back?


Product Description

Follow this easy programme TO GET IT BACK (Forever!)

This online programme offers you 16 weeks of personal development with Pam Lidford and consists of audio, video and weekly exercises to move your confidence from a place of uncertainty around what you might want in your life, towards being much clearer. 

If you’re interested in making big lasting changes in your life this year then this is the programme for you.

  • How to identify what you want in life
  • Goal setting – the facts you need to know and where you may be going wrong
  • Understanding your blind spot and how it can help or hinder you
  • The 7 steps you must take to reach your goals
  • Challenging and changing limiting beliefs with ‘scientific’ information on how to!
  • The worst TOP FIVE behaviours you might be indulging in that could hold you back from achieving your goals
  • Where your beliefs come from
  • The no 1 step to changing limiting beliefs
  • How to think positively – eliminate procrastination
  • Setting powerful goals that you really want
  • Zapping fear – planning for success
  • Visualisations to keep you on track
  • Protecting your energy – stop feeling drained

Cost: £108.00 inc VAT or £120 inc VAT payable in 4 weekly instalments.

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Mental illness is a coping mechanism

by Pam Lidford on 10 Feb

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