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Whether you’re a trainee, newly qualified or a long term coach like me, we all need coaching, supervision and mentoring at different stages of our professional journey in order to be the best coach we can be for our clients as well as continuing our CPD and personal growth.

When working with me as your coach and mentor, right from the word go we will get clear about your personal and professional goals, I want us both to be sure you are clear about where you are and where you’re headed with your future practise.

Here are a few topics coaches choose to work on:

  • How to pass your qualification
  • How to improve your coaching skills
  • believe they are able to help others with their goals
  • set up their initial part or full time business in coaching
  • get clear about their niche and brand
  • working with their website
  • overcome their fears around charging clients
  • gaining confidence in moving from employed to self-employed work
  • writing, creating & delivering workshops
  • successful networking
  • overcoming presentation fears
  • heal and move on from past challenges that have stopped them believing in themselves
  • learn from and make peace with negative mind chatter (and use it to work for them)
  • build their confidence in any area of their life
  • identify and overcome limiting beliefs that hold them back

I have worked with Pam over 2 different years.  I realised in the years I worked with her, my business grew, my mind was focused and my self-belief was higher.  I’m not going to let that slip so I’ve immediately booked her for next year.  Pam is an invaluable business resource because with the right mindset, focus and belief I believe I can find the balance, fulfilment and confidence I need to take me through the challenges.

Kate Faragher 


Mental illness is a coping mechanism

by Pam Lidford on 10 Feb

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